All you ever want to know about the Savannah cat.  Over one hundred pages of information essential to all who own or plan to own a Savannah cat.  The only comprehensive reference that is positively indispensable for both seasoned and novice enthusiasts.  This stitched and bound treasure is prized for both its content as well as its aesthetic qualities.
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Margitta Graeve - Kiwanga Savannahs   I have the Savannah book from Lorre that was published about 10 years ago. I´ve mainly bought it, because there was a pic of my F2 female Kiwanga Layla in it and I was proud, lol. I had no idea when buying the book how great and informative it was. It had very nice pictures of Savannahs and articles about the ins and outs of breeding Savannahs including an article about inbreeding/line breeding. Unfortunately some breeders still frown on inbreeding without understanding what it really is about and indeed can be a very good thing to do. Furthermore the book explained with pictures of SVs and drawn lines the SV standard. I think that was a great help for new breeders to visually see what the words in the breed standard mean and how a good cat adhering to the standard should look like. However, back then we mostly had still foundation cats of earlier generations and registration codes and no SBT. We have come a long way within the last 10 years and the Savannah is meanwhile a Championship breed. I´m sure Lorre´s new book will provide even more inside information about our breed, the history, the standard and a lot of nice pics of the best SV cats we have around now, showing the progress we have made in just a couple of years to better our breed. From what Lorre told me the new book will even have a lot of more pages and gives more information than the first one. I can´t wait to get my copies, one for me and more for my customers. I think it´s great to give a copy of the book to a customer that might be new to breeding, since I`m sure there will be a lot to learn from Lorre´s Savannah Cat Book. BTW, I was told my Kiwanga Layla is still in the new book. She is meanwhile 11 years old and my beloved pet after ending her breeding career. And no, I´m not buying the new book because of that, lol.
Doreen Boileau - Drinkwater Savannahs I have it and read the entire thing years ago and even use it for reference to this day! I love the way you explain "type" for the new breeders that don’t know how to set goals for the breed. I love the book and to this day use it as a guide and reference.
Susan Patterson - Kenjacats Savannahs  As one of the original founding breeders of the Savannah cat Lorre has been on the cutting edge of the development of this relatively new breed in its entirety. Throughout she has continued to make her mark by helping to develop and enforce the breed standard for what it has become today. You will see that she is one of very few who has the background, expertise, passion, and talent to offer an all encompassing account from all angles to write this book. Her ability offer big picture perspective, yet precise technical explanation makes this read incomparable to anything currently available. Anyone from the novice pet owner all the way up to the experienced breeder will enjoy and benefit from reading it. Some may even experience a respectfully intended reality check after reading this book.
Sue Armstrong - Amara Savannahs   So excited about the new book coming out Lorre. I still have your first book and still enjoy looking at all of the pictures, comparison pictures, drawings on first through third generation cats for profile, ears, head, hooded eyes, body studies and patterns. You covered so many aspects of the Savannah breed, I just can’t wait to see the new book!
Cynthia King - Kasbah Savannahs   Known among many of us old timers as the Breeders Bible, The Savannah Cat Book, by Lorre Smith has been an important reference manual to Savannah Breeders since its first release in 2001. I have strongly recommended this book to my clients and other Breeders that I have mentored throughout the years and am so VERY pleased that Lorre is releasing an updated edition, as until now, copies have been unattainable for the better part of five YEARS! Very excited to receive my updated copy!
Donna Pinillos - Exotico Savannahs   Last week Lorre Smith-Lemire shared with me a sneak preview of her new book.  As a new breeder this book will be a terrific guide for me as well as many others. In my sneak preview so many questions and doubts have already been answered.  I'm so excited for this book to become available. It's a must have! Thank you so much for sharing Lorre