All you ever want to know about the Savannah cat.  Over one hundred pages of information essential to all who own or plan to own a Savannah cat.  The only comprehensive reference that is positively indispensable for both seasoned and novice enthusiasts.  This stitched and bound treasure is prized for both its content as well as its aesthetic qualities.
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Actual Excerpt from The Preface of the Book

Over a dozen years ago I wrote the first version of this Savannah Cat Book.  In part, it was to assist the 18 breeders who were working on the development of the breed and who needed a basis for writing the standard first accepted for our breed.  Another reason; a reference for the new breeders attracted to the breed.  From the beginning, the Savannah has been overwhelmingly popular and the book served to help many in those formative years. Year after year, since we first gained registration status, the breed has made many strides and the original was obsolete because when written we only had early generation cats and a handful of F4’s.  More recently, several breeders asked for the book and I have been working on the update for quite a while...... .....Help came from many resources.  Each picture in the book was hand-picked in order to show  good examples of the breed; pictures of the original Savannahs; those of the current cats who have won high awards in the show rings; pictures of Savannahs in family and fun homes and finally those Savannahs who do not meet the breed standard.  All of those who provided pictures are noted with those pictures to acknowledge their contribution.... .....I give you, the reader, “The Savannah Cat Book.”  I hope it is an enjoyable and enlightening journey through the book.

Excerpt from the Editor’s Note:

Lorre is skimming over her credentials and contribution to this new breed.  In her past “lifetimes” she has been the Controller for a group of 17 companies, she owned and operated an Income Tax Preparation company which had over 4,000 clients, one summer she designed and built a 2,500 sq ft energy efficient home for some friends of ours, and she served on the Executive Committee of our church, with emphasis on Treasury and keeping the books straight.  Currently she is a QuickBooks consultant and teaches QuickBooks to business owners.  She’s very organized and stays fiercely focused on her goals...

Excerpt from one of the chapters

Evaluating the Entire Package

Evaluating an entire litter to offer for sale or simply trying to find the right kitten to fit your desires as a pet owner or breeder can be daunting when there are many kittens to consider. There is no better plan than actually taking the time to learn just what constitutes the best looking cat to meet your desires.  In addition, it may not be the entire package you are interested in; it may be that the cat needed is one to correct a fault in the lines already being used. Learn the standard on the previous pages and be able to recognize the correct shape and placement of the various parts that make up a Savannah cat by studying the line drawings....

About the Author - Lorre Smith